Tribal Legends

Raid on the Goblin King's Lair

Raab and Kesirni raid a second section of the gaablin lair. After chasing three goblins into a small corridor of jail cells they find a hidden staircase into a Goblin Necromancer’s workroom. After killing the Goblin Necromancer and his skeletal minions, they find Rolan and Edorn in adjoining cells inside the workroom. Searching the Goblin Necromancer they find he has the symbol of ancient (extinct) and barbaric empire. Practiced the black arts, slaves, etc. Kesirni takes the unassuming orb and the necromancer’s book of notes, while Rolan takes a potion of healing and another unidentified potion.

Continuing down the other doorway in the entrance hall they descended down a stairwell into a large cavern where they found six gaablins (4 were playing hacky sack with a dead rat). Reinforcements quickly charged into the cavern to join the battle. During the fight one gaablin triggered a skunk bomb in an effort to daze the four. Despite this our party successfully crushed the gaablin threat.

Descending yet another staircase our party found a gaablin dining cavern with the Gaablin King Bowie, his two shield guards, and a large number of gaablin minions. Raab charged the Gaablin King in the initial round as the others attacked the remaining gaablins. In the end, Raab and Edorn chased the King down as he ran up the stairs out of the cavern while Kesirni remained to help heal Rolan.

For next time...

Level 1 or 2 Item of your choice,
Be sure to level your char to level 2,
Unless I send out a skype message on Wednesday (6/29) saying what time I’ll be home, plan to play at Noon on Friday (7/1).

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